Who We Are

Finding your thill for driving 

Our mission

Willis Autosport is not just a company, it’s a community for automotive enthusiasts. Our passion for cars comes from the emotions it stirs in all of us when we drive them. The thrill of speed, the excitement of a good handling car as it dances through corners.

At Willis Autosport we aim to bring a balanced confidence-inspiring handling to all automotive enthusiasts, whether they’re blasting down a B road on a Sunday drive, pushing the limits on a track day or rubbing arches in wheel-to-wheel racing. 

Every car and driver is unique, needing bespoke set-up for them. Our experience from motorsport testing and tuning to maximise performance for race day will be brought to your individual situations. giving a bespoke car. much like a man in a sharp-looking suit, everything needs to be tailored to fit. 

Warwickshire based, offering mobile services UK wide and this allows us the flexibility to deliver the potential from your car, whether it’s at home on the drive, in a workshop or trackside.

Willis Autosport, previously known as Cornering Performance, was founded in the Autumn of 2020. With the mission of…  offering track support to motorsport teams and track day enthusiasts aiding the mechanical operation and performance tuning of the car. Now expanding to help people find performers in all areas with a wide range of products and services.


Thomas Willis BSc(hons)


Tom is a fanatic about handling and tuning vehicles for performance! Founding Willis Autosport to bring a balanced confidence-inspiring handling vehicle to all automotive enthusiasts. 
“Knowledge is meant to be shared not hoarded, after all, a rising tide lifts all boats ”
Tom firmly believes in sharing knowledge gained during his motorsport technology degree, this way you get the practical benefits without needing to spend time and cost of going to university.

Tom studied a Staffordshire University graduating Imeche accredited cores with 1st class honours and is now a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. 

As an enthusiastic practical engineer, Tom has built a wealth of experience. Working on a variety of high-end GT in endurance racing to “rubbing in racing” contact-friendly touring cars. Expanding practical experience by specialises in suspension from his experiences at Penske Racing Shock UK as a department manager

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Make Use of our mobile facilities

Why travel when we can come to you?
Now offering full range of mobile services:

  • Mobile 4 Wheel Alignment.
  • Trackside Support 
  • Suspension Tuning 

Finding Performance

Providing resources to make suspension and chassis tuning easier, in the quest for a faster-balanced vehicle that you the driver can push to the limits.