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Race Track Support

Years of motorsport industry experience to benefit you. Willis Autosport race & tack support services offer the following:

  • Race engineering – finding performance via chassis tuning, to give you a car with gabdlings that inspire you to push the limits.  Race strategy and run plan maximise performance and gain the best result. 
  • Data engineering – finding the driver performance by analysing data. Fault diagnosis though and reliably engineer analysis.
  • Race Mechanics – checking the car to ensure it’s safe to drive, with no loose bolts or warn fitting. So it’s ready to operate at it’s mechanical best. Make use of your time on track without any mechanical issues. Driving on track is at our own risk sadly accident happen. Having the mechanic to repair the damage and get you back on track is crucial.

Race Track Support Testimonials

"Motus One needed high-quality, reliable mechanics and race engineers to support growing programmes across a number of championships. Tom came highly recommended and with a good reputation, so we engaged him initially as a trackside mechanic, progressing quickly to a race engineer "
"Since we have had Tom's track support service we have had the car kept in top condition at all times during the race weekends, he is dedicated and no job is too big. We continue to use Tom because he is very reliable, gets on with the job in hand, has great mechanical knowledge, has good timekeeping etc. I would highly recommend Tom to other people (as long as I don't lose him lol), I feel that anyone will benefit from having Tom on their team."

Custom Wheel Alignment / Chassis Setup

motorsport mechanic

Get your car handling exactly the way you want. By liaising with you, the driver, to determine how you would like the car to handle, in combination with our experience we will personalise your set-up to give the ultimate responsive chassis for the desired driver feel.

Using our traditional motorsport alignment equipment we adjust the geometry independently at each four corners. Wheel toe, camber and corner weights will be adjusted to improve your cornering performance.    

Key advantages:

  • Optimised handle
  • Improved tyre wear
  • Enhanced steering feel 

Each car and driver requires different levels of setup, we personalise packages to suit your needs. All packages come with a setup sheet (PDF/ printout).

Custom Setup Testimonial

"We would have needed to invest thousands in equipment & spent years perfecting the setup. Willis Autosport stepped straight in with all equipment, came to us & provided an initial setup based on their experience - Tom instantly knew what to do which was great. After a shakedown, Tom's setup proved to be perfect - completely transforming the car!"
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Tuning Articles & Guides

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Read a variety of articles and guides aimed at directly increasing your speed and sharing our knowledge of vehicle dynamics and components.